how to make Turkey kubba


If you like Middle Eastern-style kibbe, you'll be sure to enjoy its Turkish counterpart, called içli köfte'(eech-LEE' koof-TAY'), which means "filled meatball."

In Turkish cuisine, a tasty case of bulgur and potato filled with a spicy meat and nut mixture is fried to perfection. This dish is common in southeastern regional cooking where many Middle Eastern influences are present in the cuisine.

These meatballs are usually served as a hot appetizer or meze before a meal of spicy kebabs and are especially famous in the city of Kilis. Favorite fillings include ground beef or lamb combined with ground nuts like pistachios, walnuts or pine nuts and spices.

At first glance, içli köfte seems like a difficult dish to prepare, but it's actually easy once your hands get used to stuffing. Balls of dough made from a mix of fine bulgur, potato, and spices are used as the outer shell of these delicious packets that are fried golden brown before serving.

You can find stuffed meatballs on the list of appetizers in most meat and kebab restaurants and as a hot finger food at home parties. The best meatballs have a soft but crispy shell, with juicy, steaming filling in the middle. Plain yogurt mixed with grated cucumber and fresh dill makes a great dipping sauce.

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